At 6Tickets2Paris, we take sustainability very seriously. Being environmentally conscious has been one of our milestones since the beginning, a commitment that has led the tournament to be awarded a ‘Green Event’ by the Ministry of the Environment, Climate and Biodiversity.

We aim to keep the environmental footprint of the tournament as low as possible, while reducing the overall use of natural resources. How do we achieve that?

  • Using reusable plates and cups in the cafeteria - no single use items.
  • Being conscious of separating our waste correctly.
  • Using sustainable material for the organisation of the events (inc. LED screens for displaying sponsorship logos).
  • Ensuring that the event accessible by public transport e.g. shuttles between the hotel and tournament venue (see information about transport to the event).
  • Providing regional and organic products.
  • Prevent distribution of merchandise/gadgets from our partners to the visitors.

With these measures, we hope to encourage environmental awareness among our participants, visitors and partners.